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Live Electrical 125 Amp 4 Way Live TPN Distribution Board with SPD

Live Electrical TP-N Distribution Boards with and without SPD

There aren’t many (if any) TP-N Distribution Boards which can provide decent installation and cost less than expected.

Live Electrical TP-N Distribution Boards come with built in Main Switch, 125A or 250A. This is already a massive advantage over the competition.

Together with 10kA Type A Live Electrical compatible RCBOs these Distribution Boards can be used in domestic installations meeting 18th Edition Requirements.

Where Surge Protection (SPD) is required there comes a range of Live Electrical DBs with built in Surge Protection Device, also with either 125A or 250A Main Switch.

To ensure ease of the installation the manufacturer provided their distribution board with the following

  • Neutral & Earth terminals on both sides
  • Removal gland plate for ease of cable entry
  • Fully enclosed busbar system
  • Keyhole fixing for ease of wall mounting
  • Earth & Neutral terminals adjacent to the MCBs/RCBOs

Please note that Live Electrical mini/compact RCBOs are not compatible with TP-N Distribution Boards.

Even if the supply is single phase and prospective fault current of 10kA is not required you still need to use either RA or RC range of Live Electrical RCBOs.

For Single Phase installation please use Live Electrical Single Phase Kit for TP-N Distribution Boards.

It is worth to mention that Live Electrical have been growing rapidly and expanding during very difficult times where many businesses have gone bust. This may only mean that their products are gaining deserved recognition and are becoming more popular every day.

To summarise, if Hager, MEM or Schneider is your everyday Distribution Board you install, and the budget of your job allows and requires top brands you’ll probably stick to it.

However, if you need to provide a competitive estimate and meet requirements of clients who do not want to spend top dollars than the Live Electrical TP-N Distribution Boards are perfect solution.

All Live Electrical products are certified to UK standards and meet the requirements of the latest wiring regulations.

We are happy to help with larger projects. Please email us your requirements and together with the manufacturer we’ll find a best solution.

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