EV Ultra – Combined Data and Power Cables for EV Consumer Units

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EV-Ultra® – 3 Core 6mm SWA or Tuff and CAT5 combined

This cable is designed for use in the installation of electric vehicle charge points.

The cable incorporates power conductors and an enhanced Cat 5 screened data cable, encapsulated in a double sheathed design for extra protection. Whilst designed for use in electric vehicle charge points, the cable is also suitable for other installations where power and data is required.

These cables are designed to be installed in air, clipped to surface, on cable tray/ladder work and embedded in concrete. The cables can be laid direct in the ground providing that suitable mechanical protection is in place

Features and Benefits

  • Power and data combined in one cable
  • Less storage space required
  • Easier to handle
  • Easier to route through walls and buildings
  • Saves installation time
  • Gives a cleaner, neater looking installation