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Meter Supply Isolator with Surge Protection


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Sealable to prevent unauthorised access

40KA Type 2 surge arrestor

Dimensions: W95mm x H145mm x D82mm

Sealed lid screws

Fast and easy to install

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  • ​Dimensions: W95mm x H145mm x D82mm
  • Suitable for 16 and 25mm meter tails
  • Main switch unit with surge protection device
  • 4 Module enclosure with 100A twin pole incomer plus surge arrestor
  • 40KA Type 2 surge arrestor
  • Two-part lid for extra safety.
  • Sealed lid screws.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • IP20.
  • Sealable to prevent unauthorised access
  • A main switch with built-in Surge Protection Device (SPD) can be a smart addition to a consumer unit for several reasons:
    1. Compatibility: Ensure that the combined unit is compatible with your electrical system, including voltage levels and wiring standards.
    2. Quality and Certification: Select a unit that meets relevant safety standards and certifications for your region. It’s essential to choose a high-quality SPD to ensure effective surge protection.
    3. Load Capacity: Make sure the main switch’s load capacity (100A in your case) is sufficient for your needs. Consider the total load you expect to have on your electrical system.
    4. Maintenance: Check if the integrated SPD is replaceable or has a finite lifespan. Surge protection devices can wear out over time and may need replacement.
    5. Cost: While combining devices can save space and potentially reduce installation costs, make sure the cost of the integrated unit is competitive with separate devices. Sometimes, individual components may offer more flexibility or better performance.
      1. Space Optimization: Consumer units (also known as electrical distribution boards or fuse boxes) often have limited space. By integrating a main switch and SPD into a single unit, you free up space for additional circuit breakers or other devices.
      2. Simplified Installation: Combining the main switch and SPD in one unit can simplify the installation process. Electricians won’t need to mount separate devices, potentially reducing labor costs and installation time.
      3. Enhanced Protection: Surge Protection Devices are crucial for safeguarding your electrical system against voltage spikes and surges. By integrating an SPD into the main switch, you ensure that the entire circuit is protected, which is especially important for sensitive electronic equipment.
      4. Convenience: Having the main switch and SPD together can make it easier to disconnect power in case of maintenance or emergencies. It’s a one-stop solution for turning off the electricity supply.
      5. Neat and Tidy: Consolidating devices into a single unit can make the consumer unit look neater and more organized, reducing clutter and making it easier to manage and maintain.


      In conclusion, a main switch with a built-in Surge Protection Device can be a practical and space-saving solution for protecting your electrical system from surges while optimizing your consumer unit. However, it’s essential to choose a unit that meets your specific requirements and is of high quality to ensure reliable protection. Consulting with a qualified electrician is advisable to ensure that the chosen solution is suitable for your specific electrical setup and needs.

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  1. shane preston (verified owner)

    Good quality,solid and well priced, begs the question “why are the better known brands soooo expensive?”

  2. Robin Penny

    Plenty of Type 2 SPDs out there, but I wonder if this is available with type 1 surge protection (which need to be fitted at the source of the installation)? That would be a really useful option for those in areas with overhead wires/supply.

  3. Shkelqim Aga

    This is my first experience with electrical 4less

  4. David Smith

    Product looked good.
    Incoming terminals double screw terminals, however outgoing load only single terminals and easily loosen if conductor moved.
    Also the load cable exit holes do not line up with terminals which makes the most difficult part of fitting

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