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TANSUN Rio Grande 2.0kW Outdoor Weatherproof Heater

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TANSUN Rio Grande 2.0kW Outdoor Weatherproof Heater

Collection Name: Rio Grande

Finish Or Colour: Black

For Rooms Upto m2: 12 M²

IP Rating: IP24

Number Of Elements: 1

Power consumption: 2 kW

Remote Control: NO

Type Of Heater: Patio Heater

Voltage: 230V

Wall Mountable: YES

Height: 110mm

Length: 560mm

Weight: 2.8kg

Width: 89mm

The IP-rated Tansun RIO Grande is a stylish, weatherproof heater which fits in effortlessly into many surroundings.

It is compatible with Tansun and Infresco heat control systems making it useful in many applications. It is easy-to-install (mounting bracket included) and gives and instant heat that is economical and efficient.

The powerful 2.0KW version is available here in black, Energybulbs.co.uk is also delighted to offer silver and white variants.

The lamp has a long life of 7,000 hours and replacements are readily available.

Furthermore, an internal heat sink aids body cooling and give increased emitter lamp life.

Ideal for: Bars, Restaurants, Conservatories, Patios, Terraces, Reception Halls, Smoking Areas, Swimming Pool, Spas, Summerhouses, Bowling Alleys, Sport Stadiums, Warehouses, Dance Halls, and many more.

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Tansun is a leading UK manufacturer of quartz electric shortwave infrared heaters and it all started just over 30 years ago when Tansun was first established by Pete Rana, the Managing Director. Since then Tansun have maintained an unrivalled reputation as world leaders in the development of indoor and outdoor quartz electric infrared heaters.

Tansun infrared heaters are designed with two things in mind – quality and our customers’ needs. Tansun’s range of high quality infrared heaters are manufactured to offer optimum heat performance all year round, with the largest range of domestic, commercial and industrial infrared heaters in the world today.

TANSUN Rio Grande 2.0kW Outdoor Weatherproof Heater

Electrical 4 Less

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