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New WAGO 2773 Series

New WAGO 2773 Series

New improved version of 2273 Series, more compact and allows for 4mm conductors.

The 2773 Wago Connector 4mm PUSH WIRE allows fast wiring for solid conductors safely due to the spring clamp connection.


  • Convenient wiring via extremely compact design
  • Push-in termination of up to eight solid and stranded conductors
  • Conductor range: 0.75 … 4 mm² “s” and 1.5 … 4 mm² “st”
  • Any combination of conductor sizes is possible
  • PUSH WIRE® connection terminates solid (“s+st”) copper conductors

International approvals

Visual Wiring Inspection

The transparent housing shows that the conductor is fully inserted; within the coloured base, the clear port shows that the conductor’s strip length is correct. Conductors are correctly stripped if the clear port shows no bare conductor on the unprinted connector side. Image above shows the centre conductor with an exceeded strip length.

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