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Hager JK101SPD 125A Surge Protection Kit Type 1 & 2


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125A Surge Protection Kit Type II for Hager Invicta Distribution Boards

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Hager JK101SPD 125A Surge Protection Kit Type 1 & 2

Designed for use in Hager’s range of TP&N & Invicta distribution boards this Type 2 Surge Protection device protects electrical and electronic equipment against transients, originating from lightning, switching of transformers, lighting and motors.
These transients can cause premature ageing of equipment, downtime, or complete destruction of electronic components and materials. SPDs are strongly recommended for installations that are exposed to transients, to protect sensitive and expensive electrical equipment such as TVs, washing machines, PCs, alarms etc.

Type 2 SPDs can prevent the spread of over voltages in the electrical installations and protects equipment connected to it. It usually employs metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology and is characterised by an 8/20 s current wave.

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