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Draka OS2 9/125 Unarmoured Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable – 200m

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CPR-Compliant options

Reduced installation and labour costs

High speed data transmission

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Insulation

Internal & External use

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Draka OS2 9/125 Unarmoured Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable – 200m

Fibre Size/m²: 9/125
Fibre Grade: OS2
Fibre Mode: Singlemode
Bandwidth MHz/km @850nm: 0.39
Bandwidth MHz/km @1300nm: 0.25


Fibre optic cable manufactured by Prysmian Draka. Available as OM1, OM3, OM4 multimode fibre cables or OS2 single mode fibre cable, loose tube or tight buffered either unarmoured or with a steel tape armour.

Fibre optic cabling is becoming an increasingly popular choice for data transmission, providing very high data rates over greater bandwidths compared to traditional copper cabling. Fibre cable is widely adopted for use in industrial and commercial applications where streaming live data is vital or when long distance applications make copper conductors impractical due to signal loss. This range is ideal for use on applications such as emergency lighting, fire alarms and VA (Voice Alarm) systems (Also referred to as Voice Evacuation) where evacuations in the event of an emergency may be needed.

Data centres also demand fast data rates. Fibre optic cabling exceeds data rates of 10Gb/s, surpassing the performance of copper cabling. For where long distance runs are required, single-mode fibre optic cables are offered. Also suited for applications within data centres, the longer runs offer as a great solution for linking one data centre to another.

CPR-Compliant options are available for this cable and are indicated in the product table. For the latest information on CPR for Cables, you can visit our dedicated CPR Explained web page. We have created a series of short CPR videos to break down all the significant areas and have updated our ‘CPR for Cables’guide, available for you to download.

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