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Warmup Foil Heater 8m2
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Key Benefits

Installed directly under the floor finish

No self-levelling required

No raise to floor levels

Super-thin, fully earthed flat aluminium foil will not raise floor levels

Fits around objects

Wire based system, can be adapted to fit around objects, no need for complicated wiring



What project is the Foil Heater designed for?

Foil underfloor heating is an ideal heater for larger areas and for use with so-called floating floors such as laminate, vinyl, engineered wood, and carpet. Simple to install, the Foil Heater delivers a consistent heat distribution with the thermal properties of the reinforced aluminum foil used in the heater helping to spread the heat evenly. Electric foil heating mats can be used both as a primary or secondary heating source in all rooms and projects that adhere to Building Regulations.

How Does the System Work?

The foil layer acts as a continuous earth layer within the floor construction whilst also diffusing the heat evenly and away from the heating cable itself and because it is installed directly under the floor finish, no self-levelling is required.

Room Shape

Ideal for regular shaped rooms, the 0.5m wide foil mats can be rolled out across the floor in parallel runs. In some instances, you may need to cut, turn, and flip the mat to suit the room without affecting the heating cable. Read more about the installation of the Foil Heating System below.

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