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Rako WRA-232 Network Interface
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A network interface for use with Rako wired, wireless or combined systems.



Rako WRA-232 Network Interface

The WRA-232 Bridge acts as a bi-directional interface with external control devices via either serial RS232 or Ethernet.

Rako Wired Lighting WRA-232 – BI-Directional RS232 Interface between RS232 AV systems and Rako wired lighting control systems.

The WRA-232 Bridge offers bi-directional RS232 interfacing supporting an ASCII command set documented in Rako’s ‘RS232 Command Summary’ sheet.

Standard communication rate of 9600Baud is configurable via the embedded webpage to support 1200Bd, 2400Bd, 19.2kBd, 57.6kBd and 115.2kBd.

Data input via 9 Way ‘D’ socket.Can be used to connect AV equipment to Rako Lighting SystemThe WRA-232 Bridge has two parallel bi-directional data connections, RS232 and Ethernet.

Messages received on either are repeated to both Rako’s wired and wireless network.

Similarly, Rako network transmissions (both wired and wireless) are re-transmitted on both the RS232 and Ethernet ports.

IP control is available using either TCP (Telnet), HTTP or UDP.

More information on the command format is available in the Rako document ‘Accessing the Rako Bridge.

WRA-232 Module connects to the Rako RANET CAT5 Bus-Cable network via the WP-CON RJ11 Programming Socket.

Optional: Audio Control Module (ACM) interface with multi-room audio systems. Basic audio controls form Rako keypad: ie. On/Off, Mute, Source.

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