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Lutec PIR Wall Light “Tona “
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Lutec PIR Wall Light “Tona ”

Tona PIR wall light will automatically turn on thanks to the built-in and adjustable sensor.

Exists also without a build-in & ad decorative detail during the day.

The white opal diffusor with concentric circles is giving the right direction to the light and showing a subtle decorative detail during the day.

Thanks to the die-cast aluminum frame in one single piece, the smooth and gracious line is accentuated.

Die-cast Aluminium LED Wall luminaire

IP Rating : IP44

Ambient temperature : -20° to 50°

Fixture Color : Dark Gray

Lumen : 600Lm

Watts : 9W

Light Color : 3000K

Dimensions: W180mm , L190mm , H141mm

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PIR Wall Light “Tona ”

Comes also with a build-in & adjustable motion sensor.

Die cast aluminium frame, subject to ultrasonic cleaning, spray and passivation treatment.

A withstand corrosion of more than 5 years.The luminaire offers contemporary lighting suitable both for private and project market.

  • About Lutec
  • Originally as a national aluminium die-cast factory, we acquired our first experience in out door lighting by producing bulkhead lights & classical garden lanterns.
    Our quality standards met international standards and the first export shipment was made in 1996.
    The new factory in the Far-East industry park in Yuyao was operational in 2001, concentrating on modern garden & professional lighting resulting from a booming international DIY & ODM demand.
    From 2009 a close collaboration with the Design(Pool) had two objectives.
  • To create a strongger offer for the ODM market and to launch a base for our future brand LUTEC.
    LUTEC was launched in 2010, focusing on architetural LED light & introducing Solar Energy studies.
    This has resulted in the opening of a second producting factory in 2012, fully devoted to future developments.
  • PIR Wall Light “Tona “

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