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Hager AFD with MCB Combined 16A Curve B


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MCB unit with integrated Arc fault detection (AFD) unit (2 in 1)

Connection to mobile phone


Curve B

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Hager AFD with MCB Combined 16A Curve B

MCB with dangerous arc detection 1M 16A B curve 6kA


MCB-AFD in 1 module ARMxxxU is a single device consisting of a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) unit with integrated Arc fault detection (AFD) unit (2 in 1).

The AFDD mitigates the risk of a fire in the final electrical circuits of a fixed installation due to arcing fault currents, which under certain conditions present a fire ignition risk due to dangerous arc fault

Connection to mobile phone

A mobile phone (iphone, operating with IOS14 or above, or Android, operating with Android 7 or above) is required to use those function


Using the connected functions with your mobile phone requires to activate network functions (Bluetooth, WiFi) and to accept the application terms of use & privacy notice. Only bluetooth 4.2 or above is supported.


For more Information, scan the QR-Code on the product.

For further technical information and for installation in Hager Dis- tribution Board, review the Instal- lation Guidance Notes available in the products download section on Hager website.


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