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Eyeconic Twin Fixed Square

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Eyeconic Twin Fixed Square is a recessed, fixed downlight with an 80x160mm rectangular bezel and features a beautifully sculpted anti-glare baffle.


• Unique, elegant small aperture.

• Easily interchangeable optics.

• Flawless finishes available on all components.

• Part of a wide family range of fully modular luminaires.


• IP65.

• 60min fire-certified.

• Acoustic-rated.

• UK designed, manufactured & assembled.

• Supplied with smooth (trailing edge) mains dimming driver

The Power of Light with PHOS

Light floods through our lives on a daily basis. It is present in so many forms and is arguably the most influential force on how we perceive and connect with the world around us. We live, communicate and celebrate in all of its mediums. Light has the power to give life and save life. It plays with our emotions and considerably affects the way we feel.

We interact with this magical and intangible substance, whether natural or artificial, but often overlook or realise the significance or impact it has on us or the spaces we use. Its influence is frequently taken for granted and many under estimate the authority it has on us. Poor lighting design, its quality or too much light in the world are all common scenarios that have facilitated this misperception, but when it is done properly can have an astounding impact!

At Phos, our ambitions are to build a collective consciousness and enthusiasm about the power that light has in the world by developing original, exciting and informative content, told through of some of the world’s most respected and celebrated lighting designers. Their passions and beliefs are aligned with our core values and focused around the emotion that light can bring, so that our community can feel its power…

Manufacturer’s website – PHOS

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Additional information

Bezel Finish
White Textured, Black
Eyeball Finish
White Textured, Black
Baffle Finish
White Textured, Black
2x4W, 2x9W, 2x14W
Light Temperature
2700K, 3000K
Beam Angle
10, 20, 30, 50
Colour Temperature
2700K Very Warm White, 3000K Warm White
Fixed Twin
Fire Rated
IP Rating
Cut Out Size
140 x 82
Electrical Protection
Class II
Electrical 4 Less

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