Surge Protection LIVE & HAGER

Surge Protection LIVE & HAGER protects electrical and electronic equipment against transients, originating from lightning, switching of transformers, lighting and motors. These transients can cause premature ageing of equipment, downtime, or complete destruction of electronic components and materials. SPDs are strongly recommended for installations that are exposed to transients, to protect sensitive and expensive electrical equipment such as TVs, washing machines, PCs, alarms etc.

The choice of SPD depends on a number of criteria such as:

– The risk of lightning strikes
– The exposure of the building to transients.
– The sensitivity and value of the electrical equipment that requires protection.

– Earthing system

– Level of protection

The whole nature of how electrical equipment is used in homes and at work has evolved; with everyday activities relying on electronic equipment.

Products such as computers, printers,flat screen televisions, industrial control equipment such as PLC’s, alarms, microwaves and washing machines are common place.

These can all be vulnerable totransient overvoltages, which can significantly reduce the equipment’s lifespan through degradation and damage.

A transient overvoltage or surge is a short duration increase in voltage measured between
two or more conductors. In short this means anything from microseconds (millionths of a second) to a few milliseconds (thousandths of a second) in duration.

Surge Protection LIVE & HAGER