Most Popular Residential Consumer Units

Most Popular Residential Consumer Units

In this section you can find our best selling consumer units. The section is divided into category to help you navigate and find the right product. Main Switch Hager and Live consumer units with and without SPD, dual RCD Hager SPD kits with breakers.

The 18th edition BS 7671 now stipulates

Protection against transient overvoltages shall be provided where the consequences caused by an overvoltage could

(i) result in serious injury to, or loss of, human life, or
(ii) result in interruption of public services and/or damage to cultural heritage, or
(iii) result in interruption of commercial or industrial activity, or
(iv) affect a large number of co-located individuals.

For all other cases, a risk assessment according to Regulation 443.5 shall be performed in order to determine if protection against transient overvoltages is required. If the risk assessment is not performed, the electrical installation shall be provided with protection against transient overvoltages.

For a single dwelling unit it will be a decision for the house owner to make whether they consider the small additional cost of the surge protection device justified to protect their installation and equipment against these damaging overvoltages