PHOS LED Downlights



Bringing innovation to the surface – an illuminating approach to engineering

We’re a British Company. We dare to be different. We innovate.

Great architecture – inside or out – requires great lighting. We have created an outstanding range of discreet and powerful miniature luminaires that provide total flexibility of design, exceptional manufacturing quality and high performance. But most importantly, aesthetically they look amazing!

Using the best and most up to date LED technology our luminaires are designed and assembled in our own production facility here in the UK. Precision engineered, they incorporate our own unique, often design-registered and patented technology; many parts have purpose-made moulds and dies which are subsequently post machined for a high quality assembled finished product.

Our sophisticated designs are underpinned by our unrivalled expertise and knowledge of metals and lighting techniques. Our lights are engineered to deliver all the benefits of a bespoke product while maintaining great value.

A better fitting deserves a better finish. At Ecoled we know how to make metal look great. Our heritage means we can do it all when it comes to finishes. We use the highest quality metals available to “frame” the light in the finish of your choice.

We’re a company that flows with creativity to offer you independence from the conventional and delivering architectural product design at reasonable prices.