Most Popular GU10 LED lamps

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Colour temperature, cool or warm?

Initially many low energy lamps, particularly LEDs, produced light with cooler colour temperatures – too stark for many uses in the home. But today low energy lamps are available which produce comfortable warm white light, similar to that produced by tungsten incandescent lamps. Figure 9 shows the colour temperature scale used in lighting design. It is based on the colour profile of light emitted from an increasingly hot filament. A reference point is the ‘warm white’ light generated by a traditional tungsten incandescent lamp, with a colour temperature of 2,800K.

For all uses in the home, warm white lamps (close to 2,800K) are normally the most suitable, though in kitchens and bathrooms, colour temperatures of around 3,000K may be preferred by some people.

Non-incandescent lamps have to be tested for alignment with the colour temperature scale: they have what is termed a ‘correlated colour temperature’ (CCT). While they may match a point on the colour temperature scale, they achieve this with spectral characteristics that are different from daylight, and this may affect the ability of a lamp to illuminate colours well. For this reason, fluorescent and LED lamps are also rated for ‘colour rendering’.

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