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Lighting Design

Should you need a lighting design and professional advice please contact us and we’ll arrange best possible option for you. Currently we offer the following manufacturers.
Please contact us at for further information and advice.
Lighting Design by Aurora

Focused on Function Aurora’s expert lighting designers work alongside our experienced sales team to maximise the positive impact of lighting quality and energy savings within any project. For more information please contact your local sales office.

Aurora has a dedicated team of professional lighting designers who are experienced in getting the best results for your space, whilst maximising the positive impact of lighting within any project.

We also have a team focused on smart solutions, ready to help supply the most stable and effective setup, maximising both quality of light and energy savings. Our team offer energy audit services where we can identify ways to reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

Lighting Design by Diamond LED Lighting

Find out the cost savings you could make with our free of charge lighting design service. 
Book your consultation today with one of our field advisors.

We use the latest RELUX software to create LED Lighting schemes specific to your facilities dimensions and lighting needs.

Our FREE bespoke lighting design includes: 

  • Full on site surveys
  • Photometric data of fittings specified for the job
  • LED energy saving calculations
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